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Nissan Security+Plus®, a extended protection plan offered before warranty expires

Nissan Security+Plus® is commonly searched for using the words Nissan Extended Warranty. However, truly the Nissan Security+Plus® is not a Nissan warranty at all. It is a service contract that can be purchased. Even better! Complimenting your Nissan Factory Warranty by providing much more coverage that starts when your Nissan hits the road and extends your coverage (even after your Nissan warranty expires) for years to come.

Your Nissan Factory Warranty

While your 3 year or 36,000 mile Nissan factory warranty is complimentary to your new car purchase, it does not provide you the coverage you deserve. Nissan Security+Plus® Gold Preferred goes the extra mile by covering belts and hoses, providing Roadside Assistance, Trip Interuption, Sign and Drive service with car rental and in the event of mechanical breakdown, towing to your nearest Nissan dealership.

New Nissan Warranty Powertrain New Nissan Warranty Silver

The Nissan Extended Protection Plan offered by Nissan Security+Plus® Powertrain coverage, during factory warranty. Offering coverage on over 800 major components on your vehicle and offers protection against many major mechanical breakdowns.

The official Nissan Security+Plus® Silver plan includes the coverage provided under the Powertrain Plan, with added benefits of rental vehicle coverage and towing. Covering over 1,400 components when choosing Silver Preferred.

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Learn more about Nissan WarrantyNissan Warranty Quote

New Nissan Warranty Gold Why Us

A Nissan Warranty ends then you must choose the ultimate protection for your Nissan with the Nissan Security+Plus® Gold Preferred protection plan. The Gold Preferred Plan includes everything in the Silver Preferred and Powertrain plans. Then it goes further, essentially covering your entire vehicle.

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