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A Nissan Extended Protection plan will compliment your existing warranty by providing you with additional comprehensive mechanical protection, that quite frankly your Nissan factory warranty just does not offer. Imagine breaking down without Roadside Assistance? Consider adding a Nissan Security+Plus® or QualityGuard+Plus® service agreement to provide you with the following 24-hour roadside benefits:

Emergency Road Service: On-site roadside assistance for minor mechanical disablement such as; delivery of small amounts of gas or other fluids, flat tire change (with your good spare), jump-start and other minor repairs.

Emergency Lockout Service: On-site repair by an authorized locksmith/lockout service if you lose/break your keys, or if you keys are accidentally locked inside your vehicle.

"Sign and Drive" Service: To ensure the maximum in customer convenience, most of these services are provided at no cost to you. (Up to a maximum of $100 per claim.) Simply sign the service invoice, and continue on to your destination.

The Nissan roadside assistance benefit is included with all QualityGuard+Plus®; Security+Plus® Gold Preferred and Silver Preferred service agreements. Nissan roadside assistance is not included with Security+Plus® Powertrain Preferred plans.

(Note: No deductible will apply for this benefit. Call the toll-free Nissan roadside assistance center at 1-800-225-2476 anytime 24 hours, 7 days a week to take advantage of this benefit.)

Nissan Roadside Assistance

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Nissan Extended Protection Plan Benefits compliments to your factory warranty

Nissan Extended Protection Plan Benefits compliments to your factory warranty, providing you additional benefits that are not normally included when your vehicle is sold as new. You can rest assured that Nissan factory backed coverage will keep you on the road. While enjoying peace of mind with superior benefits and protection. No matter what plan you choose, you will enjoy nationwide coverage, money-back guarantee, enhanced resale value and easy enrollment options on all Nissan service contracts.

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